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We're always looking for people who are passionate about company research, and are ready to help challenge the status quo. If you have an interest in financial analysis, corporate sales, translation project management, and Japanese-to-English translation, please get in touch with us at recruit@latitude.jp. We'd like to talk to you.

Translation Project Manager

Job description

Looking for a translation project manager to handle Shared Research reports and other translation projects. This would involve working with internal and freelance translators and editors, as well as Japanese analysts and the sales team to set and meet deadlines, arranging scheduling, and track projects.

Ideally the candidate will also have the capability to handle translation and/or translation checking. This position may also include other duties as necessary such as creating and checking Excel tables and checking final versions for formatting.

Flexible Workstyle

Full-time or part-time. Flex time and other flexible workstyles a possibility. May occasionally require late shifts during busy seasons.


  • Strong English skills (most internal communication is in English)
  • Fluency in business Japanese (to handle communication with Japanese clients)
  • Permission to work in Japan (visa not sponsored)
  • Strong organizational skills and ability to meet deadlines
  • Strong working knowledge of Microsoft Office, Excel, Powerpoint, and shared Google files


  • Ability to communicate with people from various backgrounds
  • Self-motivated to make change in a growing organization
  • Sharp eye for details and mistakes
  • Desire to learn about business and the Japanese market

Financial translator/editor

Job description

Help overcome language barriers by communicating the story behind Japanese companies to an English-speaking audience, especially targeting individual and institutional investors. Work with and learn from a diverse team of translators and analysts to be part of a growing equity research company. Shared Research publishes reports on over 100 companies in various industries including retail, finance, biotechnology, and manufacturing. Possible future opportunities to transition to an analyst position. If you are ready to take on responsibilities, work in a fast-paced, challenging environment that provides learning opportunities everyday, take initiative and contact us.

May be asked to assist in any of the following tasks:


  • Translate financial reports as well as investor relation materials (such as news releases and earnings presentations) from Japanese to English, focusing on clear, high quality English
  • Translate, create, and check tables in Microsoft Excel

Translation quality control

  • Check translations for accuracy, grammar, spelling, and consistency using the in-house style guide
  • Ensure proper formatting and visual consistency
  • Be a bridge between translators, analysts, and clients to ensure high quality documents

Translation project management

  • Communicate with freelance translators
  • Send feedback to translators
  • Help manage scheduling


  • Native-level English speaker with strong writing skills
  • Fluency in Japanese (especially reading)
  • Ability to communicate and collaborate with colleagues of various backgrounds
  • Initiative to ask questions and learn quickly
  • Flexibility to switch or balance multiple projects while staying on top of deadlines
  • Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint


  • One to five years of translation experience
  • Motivation to take initiative
  • Knowledge of finance/business or a desire to learn

Contact us

To apply, please send your CV and a cover letter written in English to recruit@latitude.jp

Our Policy

We interview management for hours, asking exhaustive questions to uncover the essence of the business.

We pinpoint strengths and weaknesses, and discuss strategy. Our aim is to make deep knowledge about the company readily available, saving investors time and enabling dialogue.

Our Research

We start our coverage with a substantial core report. We then continuously update this report to reflect earnings, newsflow, and any material developments. We interview the management quarterly to help you stay on top of the story.

Our report is an authoritative Owner’s Manual of the company—a vital piece in the investor’s toolbox.

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