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Marumae provides contracted processing (cutting) and manufacturing of precision parts with a focus on high-mix/low-volume production. In its Precision Parts business, it produces vacuum parts that are used in semiconductor production equipment (SPE) and flat panel display (FPD) production equipment. In the SPE field, the company manufactures vacuum parts employed in front-end wafer processing such as chemical vapor deposition (CVD*1), etching*2, coating*3, and cleaning. These parts mainly include vacuum chambers (vacuum-resistant vessels) and electrodes (machined aluminum parts placed inside vacuum chambers). In the FPD field, it manufactures vacuum parts used in FPD production processes such as CVD, sputtering*4, etching, ashing*5, coating, and bonding. While Marumae still operates on a small scale (roughly JPY5bn in sales), it supplies world-class SPE manufacturers in Japan and the US, including Tokyo Electron (TSE1: 8035), providing key parts of the equipment of these industry leaders. In many cases, the company is the sole supplier of the parts it produces.

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