Monthly Wrap

Dear readers,

This month's wrap features an initiation on Tri-Stage (2178), which provides end-to-end direct marketing services to TV shopping companies. Services sector firms such as Tri-Stage can offer stable growth versus the cyclical and volatile exporters in Japan. The TOPIX Services Index has outperformed the Nikkei and TOPIX over the past five years by 29% and 40% respectively, with a clear separation from 2015. As you might know, Shared Research has a heavy presence in the domestic service, retail, and wholesale space. In the services sector alone, we cover 22 companies. Out of Shared Research’s 22 names in the services sector, we highlight 4 companies:

Benefit One (2412), Daiseki (9793), en-japan (4849), and DesignOne Japan (6048).

Benefit One is a consolidated subsidiary of Pasona Group (TSE1: 2168), a big provider of staffing services.

Daiseki is an environmental specialist focusing on recycling industrial waste.

en-japan is a pioneer of online job advertising in Japan.

DesignOne Japan (DOJ) operates Ekiten, a website that crowdsources information and reviews on local businesses.

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