Monthly Wrap

Dear readers,

This month's wrap features an initiation on Fronteo (2158) and updates on sponsored names Meganesuper (3318), Don Quijote (7532), and Ship Healthcare (3360). We have two visit notes for non-sponsored companies Haseko (1808) and Japan Display (6740).

Fronteo was founded to help Japanese corporations facing cross-border litigation. It provides a one-stop suite of electronic discovery, which is the legal process of disclosing electronically stored information used in US litigation.

From our sponsored research, we have an update on Meganesuper, which sells eyeglasses, contact lenses, and hearing aids.

What’s changed since last month?

We initiated coverage on Inabata (8098) and Arealink (8914), and we added Strike (6196), an M&A advisory company, to the pipeline.

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