Investor Services


We aim to provide investors knowledge on underexposed and differentiated Japanese companies. Through company-sponsored, free to access coverage, the Shared Research team has created a solid foundation and extensive network to provide investor support that goes beyond typical third-party research.

Built by investors for investors, Shared Research understands and caters to your needs with highly customized services that ensure innovative investing in Japanese equities.

Bespoke Research

With a wide breadth of capabilities, Shared Research can provide research tailored to investors’ needs. We provide clients with in-depth research of individual companies, investment themes, and sector analysis on Japanese equities.

Fresh Insights

Our potent combination of industry expertise and experience enables clear investment perspectives. We can provide value-creating insights catering to any investing style.

Corporate Access

Leveraging our network we can provide unique access to fast-growing businesses across Japan. Shared Research can also guide investors through companies’ IR and disclosure.


Our comprehensive sponsored research reports have been accessed by over 5,000 unique institutional investors. We offer additional services of the same caliber directly to investors, using a custom-fit process. From initial guidance to improved IR and exposure, Shared Research’s services enable innovative investing in Japan.

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