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Q: I am unable to see reports on any report pages.
A: If you use a security software, reports may not display.
Please click on the Download PDF Here button located at top left of each report page to see reports. You may also go to the List of Clients page at the following URL:

Q: I see an error message/nothing after clicking on Download PDF Here.
A: If your browser is Chrome, please make sure Chrome PDF Viewer is enabled. To change the settings on Chrome, type “chrome://plugins/” in the Chrome address bar to open the list of Plugins and then enable Chrome PDF Viewer.

Q: I am unable to OPEN/CLOSE the Company-Sponsored Research List.
A: Please enable JavaScript in your browser.

Q: I found that the printed document after printing out from the browser looks weird.
A: Please download the PDF file to your computer to print it out.

Q: Which browser do you recommend for viewing this website?
A: We recommend Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.x or later.

Q: I have some questions on this website/Shared Research Inc.
A: Please contact at